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American Federated is a registered-with-the-state, public adjusting company that works only, and soley for the insured. Our focus is our core competency...getting insureds their money and making them whole just as insurance was intended.  Let us help you define what whole is rather than to rely on an adjuster who works for the insurance company.  After all they wrote the policy fine print and are in business to profit.  Whole to the insured and whole to the insurance company in most cases are many dollars apart.   


American Federated cuts through this small print of actual cash value, replacement costs, depreciation, insurance companies "preferred providers", and proof of loss statements from the start to finish, including:  estimating, appraisal and legal if mutually agreed is needed.  Our many years of business experience and catastrophic loss experience means we expedite the process and thereby get the insured their money the quickest.   After all, it is the insureds money and no one including an insurance company should tell insureds how to rebuild their loss, nor with whom. 

American Federated's team of business professionals  have a history of doing whatever it legally takes for our clients to be fully restored and more than pays for the agreed-upon, fixed-fee that is regulated by the Department of Insurance and Financial Services.  Our fee is percentage based, paid on the back-end after the insured is paid as is licensed by the States we work in.

Our business approach insures AFI clients always receive the best care.  We act as the insureds coach and for their benefit by advising them of the ins-and-outs of the decision process that accompanies a major loss and the daunting task of being made whole.   Our process allows the insureds to continue on with their life.  American Federated more than pays for itself and if we think we can't help, we won't take the case.

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