American Federated was incepted as a team focused business unit to assist people with the settlment of insurance claims.  Having been in business and insurance for many years we began to see a shift in how insurance claims are now handled.  This shift has caused a moving away in our opinion from what insurance was incepted to be.  Insurance is a socialized program that was incepted to make people whole that experienced a loss.  As we became and become more entrenched in the process of claim settlement, we see a big difference between what whole means to the insurance company and what whole means to the insured.

We enjoy what we do because we truly believe in what we are doing; making people whole and taking the burden off their shoulders to see them smile again.  Yes, we do profit from doing such but it is a small amount compared to what we deliver.

As a good attorney friend told us, American Federated is there to help the insured through apprasial, and the attorney is there to help the insured if denial.  Regardless of where you stand with your loss, American Federated is there to help, and if we can't help, we will tell you why.