"My agent has always been so nice to me.  Initially I felt secure and taken care of.  They got me a place to stay and even gave me a little money.  Then everything slowed down.  They started an investigation.  I begin to feel threatened and realized my little agent represented a large corporation that have lawyers that wrote my policy and even hire the fire investigator.  An attorney instructed me to start with AFI and I'm glad I did.  They not only sped up the process they found a lot of extra money that more than paid for their fee".



A Homeowner had a house fire.  The insurance company offered $82,000.00.  After review of the damages and the policy, AFi's team settled with the insurance company on behalf of the insured for $149,000.00.  The additional funds were found within the policy and missed by the adjuster.  Total cost to the insured was ten percent and AFi waited for their payment until payment was rendered by the insurance company.


A vehicle ran into a house.  The homeowner seemingly had no coverage.  AFi's team settled with the insurance company for $97,000.00


A commercial building was damaged by fire.  The insured supposedly did not have coverage.  AFi's team was able to get property covered under another policy the insured had coverage on. 


A homeowner was overwhelmed with time-sensitive paperwork insurance companies require.  The homeowner unknowingly nearly missed a time sensitive filing date that under case law could have denied the claim.  AFi rushed to the scene, petitioned for an extension on the paperwork, submitted the claim, and settled with the insurance provider for over $200,000.00.