According to a top attorney, the number two thing to do after a fire or loss is to hire a public adjuster.  A public adjuster is one who works with the insured on their behalf to help settle the daunting tasks of insurance claims.
A good public adjuster comes with years of business experience, those that understand the art of negotiating, the fine print of contracts, and the claim settlement procedure-processes from an insider position.  American Federated's team has over 23 years in each of these areas of expertise (some areas over 35 years).  This is what makes American Federated the best of all the "other" public adjuster companies.  We have a team of experts and this team of experts goes to work right away with a team-focused claim settlement approach for our clientele.  As a team, we use all our experience combined to determine the potential courses weighing all the "what-if" scenario outcomes.  We then present all of these potentials to our client.  This enables the insured to make informed decisions that fit their life goals.