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American Federated (AFi) works for the insured for the successful settlement of insurance claims. AFI directs, along with the insured, all time-sensitive requirements helping to substantiate the insured's claim of loss. AFi’s team of executives, large loss adjusters (with 20+ years major brand experience), appraisers, public adjusters, and attorneys, are ready and able to help. Afi's fee is fixed and paid when the insured’s are. This gives the insured a team of experts at their disposal with the incentive of efficient and maximized settlement that more than makes-up for the fee.

AFi’s mission is to use our business experience as a bridge between the insured and the insurance company. We understand the tragedy of a major loss and the emotional stress it puts on the insured. In most situations delays are communication caused and not the result of bad intent. Delays cause stress for the insured as their daily life is already busy enough before the loss let alone now being displaced by a fire or other catastrophic loss.

With the loss the insured now finds themselves having to come up with multiple requirements faced with the possibly of claim denial. Generally insureds don’t have the expertise to maximize their own claim, let alone rely on an insurance agent, adjuster, or investigator who are all hired by the insurance company.

Leaving proof of loss and estimation up to the insureds insurance company and/or a contractor is not a good idea and the reason why the act establishing public adjusting was incepted by government.